Web Export

Framer X can export your project as a Web-ready bundle for offline user testing or self-hosting.

If you want to share your prototypes more widely and permanently, export a Web Preview. While previewing a screen in Framer X, hit CMD + Option + E to start exporting. The resulting folder contains a standalone prototype ready for sharing.

To run it on a Mac, open index.html in a browser. Zip the entire folder to share with others. To preview the prototype from anywhere at any time, upload the folder to a service that can host static websites. Use a personal or company server, or one of the recommended services below. Netlify Drop Go to Netlify Drop and drop the exported Web Preview folder in the files area. That’s it! Click the link to view your prototype, and share it with anyone. Zeit Now Get the Zeit Now app. Drop the exported Web Preview folder onto the menu bar icon. Ta-da! The prototype will now open automatically in your browser of choice.