Framer X includes an in-app store, containing packages created by thousands of designers and engineers from the Framer community.

Any design or code component can be packaged and published to the store. Packages can contain a variety of components: from complete interactive design systems to media players to image generators and so much more.

Installing By default, the store shows you all of our Featured packages. Click on a thumbnail to navigate to its detail page. From here, you can install the package with a single click. After installing, the components from the package will appear in the Components panel.

Updating When a package you’ve installed is updated by its author, you’ll be notified within the status bar. In the bottom-left corner, the amount of updates is shown. Clicking it will bring you to the Installed tab of the store. This is where you can manage your packages: browse, update, and un-install any package within your project.

Publishing If you’ve created design and/or code components you’d like to share with the community, you can navigate to the store to publish it. On the bottom of the sidebar, you can click Publish Package to start publishing it. It‘ll often prompt you to save your document first. Then, you’ll be presented by the detail page of your package.

Artwork & Descriptions

To differentiate your package from others, you can add the following assets: a thumbnail, a banner and a description of the package contents and features.


You can write package descriptions within the file. This is a markdown file, so you can add titles, subtitles, lists, tables and links.